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A wickedly colorful, outrageous comedy. It's "Drop Dead Gorgeous" meets "Bridesmaids”.

Zombie of Honor

"Chivalry is dead when you're dead."

RSVP 2020




Set amidst a southern wedding, ‘Zombie of Honor’ teems with political undertones to address a culture and industry in need of a revolution.


It's a beautiful day for a wedding in this quaint Georgia town. Amidst the bustle and gossip of the day, lies a zombie 'movement’ these high-society, southern folk are dead-set against. Live in harmony with zombies? Absolutely not. But without a care in the world, Lizzie Dawson, the brides' younger sister and Maid of Honor is set to follow in her sister's footsteps and be married the same time next year...her day is coming!

While the bride spends the morning getting pampered, Lizzie and the bridesmaids get aisle ready. Somewhere between chit chat, curlers, and mimosas, Lizzie electrocutes the bridal party to death. When Lizzie realizes they are zombies at a boozy brunch their lives are turned upside down. Zombies are the sacrilegious outcasts of society. When the wedding planner is a no show, Lizzie’s takes a chance to show her family she is still one of them by deciding to coordinate the wedding herself.  


Lizzie and the zombie bridesmaids work tirelessly decorating cupcakes, hanging twinkle lights, setting bouquets, and avoiding wedding guests all while adapting to being zombies. Who are they going to eat?! Why are their toes blue?! When the time comes to tell her family the news, Lizzie's conservative mother and town Mayor casts the zombie bridesmaids out on their own and pitting Lizzie and her sister against one another. 

With a little help, the sisters come out of the fight stronger than ever and the bridal party makes it to the altar just in time for the ceremony…BUT when all is about to go off without a hitch, the evil mother of the bride leads an attack on the zombie bridesmaids. Lizzie is left with a choice: Stick to the status quo? Or defend her zombie bridesmaids' honor?


The Party



ADRIANA LEONARD|Producer,Writer,Actor

2018 Sundance Table Read My Screen Play & Screencraft Finalist. Co-Wrote/Produced/Starred in festival nominated short film Signing Out. Leonard is in post production on her series Beta, half hour comedy-drama television show
on millennial women, the tech startup race and the rules of empowerment, coming Spring 2019. 

BARRETT DONNER|Producer,Writer,Actor

2018 Sundance Table Read My Screen Play & Screencraft Finalist. Director of Operations for RF Film. Donner's credits include Ford V Ferrari, Mission Impossible, Deadpool 2, Black Panther, The Fate of the Furious, and more. In 2016, her short film, Lipsmack premiered at Toronto's Female Eye Film Festival.


Drama and Journalism TISCH School of the Arts graduate, Moreno was one of five filmmakers chosen by Robert Rodriguez for his recent docuseries, Rebel without a Crew. Her film Phaedra premiered with El Rey Network during SXSW 2018. Scarlet's previous works have screened at film festivals including Cleveland International Film Festival, Nine Worlds London SciFi & Fantasy Film Festival, Toronto International Short Film Festival, Portland International Film Festival, Other Worlds Austin Film Festival, and Brooklyn Women's Film Festival, among others. 


Producer and Cinematographer, Riley is an MTV VMA and Emmy nominee. He recently shot The Shop, released on HBO. This fall his film Slice was distributed via A24.  His work comprises of national commercial spots for Apple Music and is featured on broadcast networks including HBO, FOX, BBC, IFC, MTV, BET, Vh1 Soul, A&E, CNN, PBS, Food Network, and more. He is currently filming a docu-series for Netflix.


Specializing in logistical and financial management of film and television content. Credits include Neal Brennan's Home for the Weekend (Comedy Central), Joe Chappelle's The Pages, Austin Vesely's Slice (A24), and Joe Swanberg's Easy (Netflix).






Through the lens of the lavish wedding industry, writers Adriana and Barrett unveil the inner workings of southern society in a twisted, tongue in cheek comedy about sisterhood. Through the power of storytelling, the Carolina girls hope to shine a light on a culture and an industry caught behind the curve.


"Zombie of Honor is a solid piece of work, and is worthy of continued investment!" - Slated